Use Cases/Target Groups

Use Cases:

Group Risk Management
  • Portfolio hedging & risk overlays
  • Early detection of manager risks (e.g. style drift)

Investment Management

  • Advanced portfolio design
  • Monitoring of investment targets 

Strategy Indices
  • Dynamic hedged indices
  • Risk factor indices (Smart Beta)
  • Dynamic optimized indices (multi-objective)

Investment Product Design
  • ETFs & derivatives based on strategy indices
  • Dynamically risk-adjusted funds
  • Model validation

Target Groups:
  • Risk/Investment Managers: Wealth protection & hedging, managing market exposure and portfolio management
  • Pension Funds: Decision support for investment committees and portfolio managers
  • Funds of Funds: Efficient monitoring of managers and sub-funds
  • Family Offices: From investment assessment over portfolio construction to monitoring and benchmarking
  • Banks/Robo-Advisors: Extension of own services with additional protection layer for customer portfolios
  • Structured Product Issuers: Risk indices as a basis for new "Smart Beta" products
  • Index Providers: Risk signals as a basis for new risk indices
  • Production Industry: Dynamic currency hedging

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