Decoding the DNA of Financial Markets


OpenMetric's technologies provide systematic protection against losses from financial market crises and the negative market movements that these cause. Portfolio managers in family offices, banks, insurance companies, pension funds and basically any type of investor can systematically and efficiently hedge their investment strategies with dynamic risk overlays.

The main advantages for market participants are:

  • Easy access to the most innovative quantitative methods and the latest academic research in the financial sector

  • Proven and well-tested reference implementations

  • Computer resources as a service and seamless scalability

  • Reduce investment in own infrastructure and associated maintenance costs

  • Reduced time-to-market for quantitative solutions/products


Besides all standard portfolio technologies, OpenMetrics offers advanced approaches like multi-dimensional optimization, which allows for combining different objectives into a portfolio (e.g. ESG and risk/return).

The main focus is on reliable modeling (simulated results can be achieved in reality) and minimizing operational and transaction costs. Downside risk protection is typically integrated into a portfolio context for maximizing portfolio resilience.


Due to OpenMetric's Software as a Service (SaaS) concept and the "one-model-approach" across all asset classes (equities, bonds, currencies, commodities, crypto) , customized portfolio solutions can be typically delivered in a matter of days.

This allows customers to improve the risk/return profiles of their existing or planned investment solutions in a very short time and staying ahead of competition. Just send us the list of your portfolio constituents and we provide you with the most optimal solutions.

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