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Swiss Sensor Technology to protect your Wealth.

Trusted by Swiss Pension Funds.


OpenMetrics® Stability Sensor was developed at ETH Zurich and helps Swiss Pension Funds to avoid large drawdowns since 2016.

OpenMetrics® Stability Sensor technology provides reliable stability signals, which allow for a precise market risk assessment and dynamic exposure control with excellent timing properties.

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Our Services

  • Risk assessment and optimization of existing investment portfolios

  • Model validation of investment strategies

  • Development of hedging strategies across all asset classes

Who we are

We are an ETH Spin-Off, founded in 2016 with focus on advanced statistical methods and financial engineering.


Our core technologies are based on latest academic research developed at ETH Zurich and affiliated universities.


We are engaged in the ongoing transfer of academic research into commercially viable products and services.

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OpenMetrics Solutions AG
Seefeldstrasse 69
CH-8008 Zurich
Phone: +41 44 552 4909

OpenMetrics Solutions Ltd. is an approved ETH Zurich Spin-off

Commercial Register Zurich Nr.: CHE-183.265.157


OpenMetrics® is a registered trademark at IPI (Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property), Bern, 2017

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