"Nowcasting" vs. "Forecasting"

Reproducible statistical technology instead of uncertain forecasts


OpenMetrics' market sensor technology provides reliable stability signals, which allow for a precise market risk assessment and dynamic exposure control with excellent timing properties. Traditional approaches may trigger fast market exits but tend to be relatively slow for market entries.

Dynamic exposure management via SaaS:

  • Low time-to-market

  • Easy integration

  • Efficient crash-protection

You can trust a groundbreaking statistical technology, based on more than a decade of academic research at ETH Zurich being used by institutional market participants since 2016.

Stability signals can be provided for all asset classes, across all markets in different resolutions (weekly & monthly) in machine readable format. Higher resolutions on request.

Investors can use our standard or custom reports to incorporate these seamlessly into their  current investment process.

See also: Plug&Play-Risk-Management

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Stability signal matrix for sample crypto portfolio and other asset classes



Benefits of dynamic market exposure on portfolio level:

  • Significant reduction of drawdowns during market crises

  • Significant reduction of volatility

Portfolio simulation: Equally weighted crypto index vs. 50% hedge