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“Invest in Technology and not in Mileage!”

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Why investors should review traditional investment paradigms…

Many investors are searching for the “ideal” funds. These must not only fit specific investor

requirements they also have to provide: Significant AuM (> 100 Mio.), high liquidity, best-in-class performance - ideally outperforming the market, low costs, experienced investment managers and last- but-not-least long and successful track records of minimum 3-5 years.

This approach of searching for the “holy grail” has been the standard paradigm for decades…and still is!

Unfortunately, the reality shows that most investment managers are not capable to outperform themarket over a longer period, as a recent study from S&P Dow Jones Indices confirms.

We suggest to consider a new investment paradigm, and show how this can work in practice…

You can download the presentation here:

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