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’timeSeries’ R Package Vignette

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Plotting ’timeSeries’ Objects

The Rmetrics timeDate and timeSeries packages are workhorses to deal with chronological objects. Since their inception 2009 under their original names fCalendar and fSeries they have been only slightly modified. With version R 3.1. we have essentially improved the plot function, but we also took care that the functionality is almost upward compatible.

In this vignette we show how to work with the recently updated S4 generic plot function plot. The function is written to display Rmetrics S4 timeSeries objects. The basic functionality of the plot function is to display single and multiple views on univariae and multivariate timeSeries objects.

The function plot.ts from R’s base environment, which displays basic ts time series objects, served as a model for our design of the generic S4 plot function for timeSeries objects. Similarily, plot.ts can be considered as the prototype for the S3 plot.zoo method. The xts plot function was build to display univariate xts time series objects which inherit from zoo’s objects for ordered time series objects.

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