Investment & Portfolio Analytics

Our services for financial industry professionals are structured along the investment management process

We provide custom analyses of investment solutions, due-diligence and model validation. Especially nowadays, where investors have to engage in actively managed investment products to meet their performance targets, the sheer number of offerings can be overwhelming.

Our structured, quantitative approach helps investors to reduce the time for the selection process to a minimum and focus on the relevant products.

With our Portfolio Manager Workbench we provide an interactive solution for the assessment process via SaaS.

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Whenever standard investment products do not fit the requirements of the investment manager or the investor, we offer tailor made investment and portfolio solutions.

We also design and implement strategy indices based on our rich quantitative framework.

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Via our RiskMonitor reporting service we provide signals for tactical asset allocation and investment monitoring in combination with with a rich set of quantitative analytics. This subscription based service is provided on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.

With our Portfolio Manager Workbench we provide investment professionals with an interactive solution for the strategic and tactical asset allocation process via SaaS.

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