Swisscom Open Business Hub

Swisscom Open Business Hub (OBH) - the secure platform for digital exchange in financial ecosystems

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Cooperation between banks and FinTech companies opens up potential for innovation and growth. Banking processes can be simplified and bank customers receive additional value-added services. Collaboration is easy via APIs. The Swisscom Open Banking Hub offers a secure platform for this. Accelerate your optimization and digitization projects. Achieve the following with the Swisscom Open Banking Hub:

  • Time To Market - Rapid Prototyping in the Test Environment

  • Reduction of complexity - central interface management by Swisscom

  • Data Security - Meeting Banking Security and Compliance Requirements

  • Cost savings - Profit from economies of scale when connecting new services to bank IT and maintaining interfaces in operation

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OpenMetric's technologies provide systematic protection against losses from financial market crises or the negative market movements that these causes. Portfolio managers in banks, insurance companies, pension funds and fund companies can systematically and efficiently hedge their investment strategies with dynamic risk overlays.

For this purpose, the individual customer portfolios are analyzed, and the corresponding risk profiles and portfolio weights are calculated daily. The necessary calculations are carried out using state-of-the-art algorithms and made available to customers via SaaS.


The main advantages for market participants are:

  • Easy access to the most innovative quantitative methods and the latest academic research in the financial sector

  • Proven and well-tested reference implementations

  • Computer resources as a service and seamless scalability

  • Reduce investment in own infrastructure and associated maintenance costs

  • Reduced time-to-market for quantitative solutions/products